SI Converter Info/Help

This information has been developed by Lou Gervais. Many publications and resources have been used to develop this conversion tool. All attempts have been made to ensure the most complete and accurate information available but is provided as is without limitations or implied warranty.

This tool handles more than 830 different conversions of various SI units of measurements that include length, weight, volume, temperature and the conversion of Binary, Decimal, Hex and Octal with full support of fractional numbers. It also supports both positive and negative numbers from the user with selecTABLE range of precision from 1 to 32 digits except for the Binary-Decimal-Hex-and Octal functions.

SI units and standard abbreviations have been used both to save space and support international standards. Please be advised that as of this release the internal functions of JavaScript are still limited to 16 digits of precision. This conversion tool may be updated from time to time to add additional conversion units or updates.

User Help and SI Converter use

  1. JavaScript must be enabled to use this converter.
  2. Select the Conversion Factor range (Top select popup window) that you would like to work with. This is an alphabetic list of conversion factors.
    • This is a Scrollable List that you can select by pointing and clicking your left mouse button over the Down Arrow Button at the right hand side of the selection box.
    Note: This will dynamically rebuild the Web page with the correct selecTABLE values needed to support the range choice that has been made.
  3. Now select from the FROM popup box the specific unit of measure that is needed to convert from.
    Note: Again this will dynamically rebuild the Web page bring up only the valid units of measure that are supported to convert TO.
  4. At this point you can accept the initial unit of measure to convert TO or select one that is available within the TO popup window.
  5. Again you can accept the default Precision" value of 20 or select any value from 1 to 32. Your choice.
  6. Please NOTE: All the Factors needed to convert are now selected and you can accept the default number of 1 and continue by pressing the Convert Button. OR
  7. You can over-ridden the default number of 1 Simply by OVERTYPING that value with whatever number you chose. Positive or Negative numbers are supported, but leading blanks, commas, or currency symbols are not supported.
  8. Now GO FOR IT. Press that Convert Button and Enjoy.
  9. Don't worry about making a mistake. A friendly popup box will guide you through those areas.
  10. All values will be maintained until you press the "RESET" button or you manually change them.
  11. List of abbreviations used.
User tip. The constants used and the results can be copied to the clipboard anytime to be used elsewhere. (You know, that good old CTRL C to copy and CTRL V to paste)

If you find an error or have a specific unit you would like to see added
please use the Feedback/comment link below.

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