Our Divine Savior Catholic Church

Pope Francis I-a
Featured Event

August 10, Blue Bag Day  *
Knights unload 1000s of lbs. of food at the Chico Community Center

Jim Callas, Pete Costa, Ed Grens, Steve Mormann, and Grand Knight Don Nelson.
Back row: Mike Gainok and Leigh Langerwerf.

Coming Events:
All at ODS in Chico
Sept. 14, Parish Festival Food Prep.
Sept. 15, Donuts Sunday
Sep. 24, Officer's Meeting 6:00 pm
Sep. 29, 5th Sun. Rosary Post 11:00 am mass.
Oct. 8, Dinner 6:00 pm
Oct. 8, Business Meeting 7:00 pm
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Grand Knight: Don Nelson
(530) 895-1509